What we do ...

We develop control electronics, special sensors and systems, including device communication with remote servers for data collection/further processing ...

Our main activities:

Development OF CUSTOM electronic devices and systems
  • Research into the design/implementation of a proposed system and equipment
  • Design of the electronic part of a device
  • Mechanical design of a device
  • Firmware development
  • Design/implementation of communication systems for devices under development
  • Design of the remote management and development of the necessary application environment
  • Prototype production
  • Small-series production


Development of own products portfolio
  • Development of equipment/systems for wastewater treatment
  • Development of devices, sensors and telemetry systems
  • Development of devices for measuring air parameters / other occupational parameters 
  • Development of equipment/systems for general measurement/control


Installation OF own systems for partners
  • Installation and commissioning of our systems/equipment at partners
  • Customer training

Support and maintenance
  • Phone support for customers
  • Warranty/post-warranty maintenance of equipment and systems