ELECTRONICA 2022, Munich

On November 15-18, 2022, we participated in an exhibition in Munich called ELECTRONICA 2022, where we presented our latest products:

Sensoline Pro a Sensoline Portable
and many others ...

electronics development and small-series production

  • Automation control systems
  • Controllers and special sensors

Where professional expertise meets practical application ...

We're excited about creating something new, which represent a concept and progress: intelligent devices and systems. We accept and thrive on challenges. We mainly see opportunities in combining various branches of scientific know-how – our expert team transforms ideas into improvements and new products. We create technical specifications and device design, and develop hardware, firmware and software. We deliver small-series prototype production.

Who we are

effman s.r.o. was established in 2008, and our R&D activities started in 2013.

What we do

Development of electronic devices and systems ...

Our references

Supplies of process control systems  ...

About our products

We focus on the comprehensive development of electronic devices, special sensors and systems. That approach also includes ensuring the communication of these devices with remote servers for data collection and subsequent processing ....

Product portfolio:

  • Controllers

  • Sensors

  • Custom products for technological partners  (order based)

  • Other electronics devices

Where to find us ...