WTR EUROPE, s.r.o.

A.W.E. Mérnökszolgálati Kft.

  • Development of intelligent control system for biological wastewater treatment (Intelligent Biological Wastewater Engineering)
  • Delivery of control system for corporate WWTP in Hungary (Sárvár)
  • Delivery of control systems for AWE customers in Slovakia and abroad (Russia, Belarus)

Aquatec VFL s.r.o.

  • Delivery of control system for WWTP in Valaská Belá
  • Delivery of monitoring stations for small WWTPs ( with multiple sensors and server data collection )

WFL-Mont s.r.o.

  • Control electronics for pumping stations in Senec
  • Delivery of complete control cabinets, including on-site installations

Sensoline s.r.o.

  • Development of a laboratory version of a discrete UV spectrophotometer
  • Development of an industrial version of an online discrete UV spectrophotometer to measure special wastewater parameters
  • Delivery of measurement sets to specific locations

Other ...

  • Comprehensive measuring and notification system for production factory (temperature and relative humidity measurement)
  • Development of an ozone generator for smaller premises in continual use (waiting rooms, meeting rooms, offices)
  • Development of a 3D projector for a marketing and advertising partner - creates an image around a presented subject.
  • Development of a system for monitoring the condition/method of handling traction batteries. The system can detect battery misuse in real time.
  • And many more.