This device is a measuring/control unit generally used for data acquisition
from connected probes and to control various external devices (e.g. dosing pumps, solenoid valves). It also ensures the upload of all measured data to external storage (cloud) from connected sensors such as pH, ORP, dissolved oxygen (DO), etc


  • multiple predefined inputs and outputs
  • easy operation and settings (via WiFi AP)
  • online access to the device via remote server, access to tabular and graphical reports
  • multiple recommended sensors optionally available

Key features:

  • Display shows current measurements
  • WiFi interface to monitor device status, configuration of parameters, and calibration of connected sensors
  • Various interchangeable modules (inserts) to connect numerous analog sensors (also option of sensor power supply)
  • Various interchangeable modules to control connected devices (on/off switching, programmable pulse output, PWM)
  • Four physical inserts in basic version, expandable up to eight
  • Connection module for digital sensors with MODBUS RTU protocol
  • Control algorithm (PID regulator) - for one input/output pair
  • Control by several timers for selected outputs
  • Remote access to device via web application
  • Automatic data collection from device
  • Online data access (up to three-month archive)
  • Export data to user’s local computer
  • Remote device management
  • IP68 protection
  • Power supply 12V to 24V DC
  • Easy installation