Custom-developed systems

1st generation of WWTP control system

In close cooperation with a partner, a process control system was developed for WWTP with remote management of the complete treatment process. The system comprises individual HW modules, industrial computer (HMI), and remote server application, which using a special algorithm remotely set up system behavior based on information from connected sensors.


Intelligent control of biological WWTPs 

An international partner requested the development of a system for intelligent process control in biological WWTPs. The system comprises a set of measuring, switching and control modules, as well as a server application for remote management, data collection, and notification in accordance with set parameter limits.


Discrete UV spectrophotometer

A discrete UV spectrophotometer prototype was developed in collaboration with a partner. First phase: desktop device version created. Second phase: on-line sensor developed with automatic sampling of examined liquid, including application for remote data collection/post-processing.


Complex measuring and notification system for factory 

For a Slovakia-based customer we designed and developed a measurement/notification system. The system provides temperature/ relative humidity measurements in the customer’s production halls, and then processes measured data and notifies users based on the agreed algorithm.


3D projector

We developed a 3D projector for our marketing and advertising partner whereby a 3D projector creates an image around a presented subject.


System for monitoring of conditions/method of handling traction batteries 

We developed this for a partner in the Slovak Republic. The system can detect incorrect handling in real-time, which increases the battery owner's ability to retain asset value for longer. It also simply shows how battery care is performed on a day-to-day basis.


System for monitoring environmental parameters in offices

For a partner in the Slovak Republic, we designed and developed a device for monitoring key air parameters in offices. The device is small, compact, and communicates via WiFi. It monitors parameters such as temperature, relative humidity, CO2, volatile organic compounds, dust, and intensity/color of ambient light. Data is sent to the central server. Together with other systems, this is helpful in controlling ventilation/other technological systems in intelligent buildings.


Leak detection of specific liquids

For a partner in the Slovak Republic, we have developed an online sensor to detect the leakage of specific liquids from tanks (e.g. urea, yeast, whey). The sensors detect leakage from a container, and send information about measured quantities to the controller, who evaluates the location of the leak and ensures rectification and recording.