Who we are ...

effman s.r.o. was established in 2008, and our R&D activities started in 2013.

Our first project was the development of a traction battery condition monitoring system to monitor battery status and how workers handle such batteries.. The system could detect improper battery handling in real-time.
Another key milestone was the development of a first-generation control system for biological WWTPs - which has been deployed in over 180 locations worldwide.
Following an international partner’s request, we also developed an intelligent biological WWTP management system that necessitated electronic modules and server application. This IBWE system has been successfully installed abroad.
In 2019 we responded to a request for the management of mid-sized WWTPs. Following a successful development process, small series production began the same year.
In addition to WWTP management systems, we also develop and produce water parameter monitors and special sensor.
We’ve recently been developing (in cooperation with a Slovak partner) a discrete UV spectrophotometer for the online measurement of wastewater parameters, which is in pilot-project testing phase.
In terms of special sensors, we’re completing the development of an on-line sludge sensor prototype for WWTP control systems.
We recently completed one of our most interesting in-house projects - the development of the Unicontrol - universal controller. This device is a measuring/control unit for data collection from connected probes and controlling various external devices (dosing pumps, solenoid valves, etc.) in accordance with a selected algorithm. The device’s internal communication module regularly sends measured data to external storage (cloud) from connected sensors (such as pH, ORP, dissolved oxygen (DO), etc.). The cloud-based server app also provides remote device management and data processing, including user notification in the case of set criteria being exceeded.