All begins with an idea.
At the end, you have a satisfied customer.

We materialize our partners' ideas in 3 steps:

  • Understanding the situation and proposing a solution
  • Prototype development and production
  • Securing serial production

Your idea of what how the product needs to satisfy your customer is the most important information for us. We process this information in a virtual environment using the appropriate CAD tools and show you what your product will look like.

When we agree on the details, we develop and produce the prototype of your product. You can test the prototype and see if it suits you and can be also tested by your customer.

We incorporate any comments and enhancements into the prototype and prepare everything for the serial production of your product. Subsequently, we will provide for the serial production under an agreement on the way of further cooperation. Further cooperation may include support for your product service.

Prototype manufacture:

The prototypes of the electronic part of the products are produced on our own production line. We use several CNC machines to manufacture prototype mechanical parts. Special and shape-complex or small mechanical parts are manufactured on a 3D printer or cut with CO2 lasers.

In the area of electronics development, we use mainly SMD technology. This ensures a high degree of integration and small final product dimensions as well as high reliability. Basically, we select components according to the needs of the relevant project.