Range of services

Design of electronic part

Based on your idea of how your product should work, we will design the electronic part of the product

Proposal for design

Proposal for your optimal design of your product, according to your expectations and technical requirements for the product.

The design of communication systems

We will create a design for communication of your product with the surrounding world. An important part of the design is the communication security and unambiguous device identifiability.

The design of software and integration

We will design a complete system consisting of both server and front end solutions according to your expectations.

3D modelling (PTC Creo)

Before the prototype production we can create and show your a 3D model of your product. If necessary and technologically possible, we can print the model on a 3D printer.

Development and programming using ARM microcontrollers

We use microcontrollers with ARM architecture for development and programming.

Design and development of software (server, database, desktop, web and patch)

Already during the design, whether it is an electronic device, or a design solution for automation in industry, in many cases, there is a requirement for custom software. In addition to putting together the requirements  for such software, we also provide tailor-made software development services and subsequent application as part of our complex services. Our software portfolio of software solutions ranges from small desktop applications that enable end-user communications with devices to complex server solutions covering all automation solutions; In this case, it is an integration of several separate solutions - server services, databases, desktop and web applications. A typical example is a server service that collects data, then aggregates, evaluates and, based on defined rules, activates the next steps and provides these data for other web or desktop applications that bring them to end users. Design and creation of devices and subsequent software solutions often brings additional questions or suggestions for modification. During the whole design process we communicate with you, present ideas, research results, developed parts of the solution, and we listen to your feedback and, on that basis, modify the solution so that we create a fully functional and successful product on time.

Remote System Management

We provide remote administration for designed, developed, and implemented automation solutions in the industry. This service may include the administration of the servers on which the service is installed, 3rd level support for users of the software and its administration.

Design and manufacture of cabinets (CO2 laser, CNC milling)

Using CO2 lasers and CNC machines we can make or shape a cabinet for your product.


Prototype Production (SMD and THT Mounting)

Upon agreement on the details we will create a prototype of the product that you can try and give us your further remarks to improve or complement other functionality.

Production documentation for serial production

As part of the manufactured product we provide the production documentation, which forms the basis for serial production. It consists mainly of: Gerber files for creating DPS, SMD and THT parts (manufacturer, serial number), material needed for assembly ( a type of cabinets, screws, cables) and especially assembly scheme.

Serial Production Provision

We can help you make serial production under agreed terms.