Waste water treatment plants with VFL technology

Other products

Large WWTP (over 1000 PE)
The system communicates with the server through the Internet via the AES128 encrypted protocol. This ensures secure data protection against unauthorized interference. Each system is also able to work independently from the central management server for the required or defined period of time.
Small WWTP (up to 10 PE)
Small WWTPs used for family houses are normally controlled by a standard timer which switches the system's aeration on and off at given intervals. In the case of an error, the owner of the wastewater treatment plant is usually warned of the smell of the WWTP.
Marketing and advertising
In marketing and advertising, we have developed a 3D projector for our partner. The 3D projector creates an image around the subject of marketing.
Tracking battery status monitoring
To track the status and handling method of traction batteries, we developed a system that detects incorrect battery handling in real time. This increases the ability of the battery owner to intervene in time and keep the value of his property longer. He can also easily demonstrate how day-to-day care has been performed with his assets by the client.