About us

Our main focus is the development of electronics
and automation systems for our customers.

We are enthusiastic to create something new; we enjoy doing things which include new ideas and progress - intelligent modules and subsequent integration solutions. Any need is a challenge for us which we are happy to embark on. We see opportunities in particular by combining knowledge from several disciplines and practice. We are a team of experts who are working on transforming ideas into improvements or new products. We look for solutions with high added value at low production costs of our own developed products.

We are here to be your partner for realizing your ideas. Our work starts with the initial discussion of a potential product, through the needs of technical specifications, design, subsequent hardware firmware and software development, prototype production to production documentation preparation for serial production. We have recently developed devices for waste water treatment automation with large-capacity cleaning machines, a device for checking the use of large-capacity batteries and a 3D projector.

To achieve this goal, we use electronic components from world renown manufacturers. This ensures a high degree of integration and a high level of reliability.

For our day-to-day work, we use several CAD systems for both the development of electronic parts of equipment, as well as the manufacture of cabinets and boxes and the creation of the whole design.

Our partners